Author and illustrator Natalie Lehr-Splawinski creates a mesmerizing place in My Fuzzy's World, her debut children's tale for young readers that is gently enriched with delicate oil pastel drawings of Fuzzy, a charming plush lion and his companions. A dozen vivid stories share how the fluffy friends join what can best be described as an incredibly colorful family.

Fuzzy likes to imagine he was born as a real life lion cub in the Serengeti. He is wise, gentle, and funny. After Fuzzy encounters the sad loss of his own family, he is challenged to overcome many obstacles to fulfill his special dream of finding a loving new home. On his life journey Fuzzy learns valuable lessons on the essence of family, love, friendship, determination, and diversity.

When Richard gives Fuzzy as a gift to his beloved Natalie, Fuzzy is in for a treat. Not only will Fuzzy's days become rich in happy adventures, but his life will also become a treasure chest of friends and family, which is something he has missed since he lost his own family.

Fuzzy is fortunate to enjoy the company of plush friends, who also have a vibrant imaginary world. In the blink of an eye, Fuzzy's new family grows to lovingly welcome a purple bear named Rudi, Lily, a lilac lamb, Sophie, a cinnamon-colored Sumatran tiger, Marli, a little brown bear, and Lulu, a pink sheep, among others.

Fuzzy is also lucky to meet another plush lion, Booboo Leo, who comes to visit while his arm is nursed back to health and then decides to stay because he adores the family. When Fuzzy's heart is aching for a special plush lioness friend, he bravely starts to pursue his new passionate dream. Finally Maya, the cat, joins the family, and their hearts become filled with true happiness.

Hurrah and good fun, there is no telling what further adventures are in store!


Children’s author and illustrator Natalie Lehr-Splawinski enjoys using oil pastels as her medium. My Fuzzy’s World is her first book. She lives with her husband Richard, her beloved Fuzzy and company, and her cat Maya in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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